Sage Intelligence License Types

Here is a breakdown of the different types of Sage Intelligence Licenses:

Report Manager license
Allows authoring of new reports from existing data containers ONLY as well as editing of existing standard reports including filtering and aggregating of data (licensed per workstation). Also supports auto-emailing reports, scheduling reports, publishing report output to html for intranet/internet.

Report Viewer license
Allows users to run reports in real time, change report parameters at run time and drill-down to detail. Cannot edit or change reports and/or report templates Report Designer module The Report Designer expands upon the functionality of the Report Manager to provide simplified “drag and drop” report creation capabilities.

Connector module
This is your gateway to data access, and allows real time financial and non-financial consolidations as well as connectivity to any ODBC data sources i.e. CRM, HRMS, additional ERP companies. Facilitates creation of SQL queries via a graphical join tool as well as creation of SQL expressions.

Analysis module
This module allows the creation/editing of OLAP data cubes to support multi-dimensional analysis via Microsoft Excel pivot tables. Overcome Microsoft Excel row limitations and define your own drill down experience to identify trends and stats in your data.

Keep in mind that Sage Intelligence licenses are separate from Sage 300 licenses.  Licenses are named users, assigned to a particular workstation.  Sage Intelligence Viewer licenses can be used independently of a Sage 300 LanPack.